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Cancer "Totem"

The Danish duo are releasing their debut album Totem on Jan 27th via Copenhagen indie-label Tambourhinoceros (Palace Winter, Blondage, Efterklang etc.) 

Cancer are a duo consisting of Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Kristian Finne Kristensen. Nikolaj is also known as the lead singer of the electronic band When Saints Go Machine and Kristian as Chorus Grant, his Americana-inspired solo project. The two are now back as the incarnation that received a great deal of attention in 2014, when they debuted to the scene, thanks to their ability to make compelling and challenging music.

The band’s name is somewhat confrontational and some might say, controversial, but is informed by some deeply personal experiences. Cancer’s music encapsulates both tragedy and beauty whilst remaining powerfully life affirming. Their choice of band name is an effort to deconstruct its original meaning and to allow the word to contain more than the reminiscence of the hurtful occurrence of the terminal illness. It also represents the idea of how scary the world would be if we couldn’t publicly share tragedies and ordeals, in an effort to try to transform the experiences of personal life into something beautiful and constructive rather than storing these emotions away’.

Totem consists of 11 songs which the band have recorded in the past 1,5 years. The result is 53 minutes of captivating music that lures the listener into a special sonic space. Whilst presenting a accurately detailed vision to the foreground with powerful yet simple lyrics and tones, some of the elements are almost left to the imagination as if they were hidden just behind the horizon - an open space that appears minimalistic yet extremely organic. The opening track “Esca” introduces this beautiful sonic space of the record. The incisive drumming originates in the background and quickly moves to the front of the soundscape, giving the track a widespread quality to it. The single “Die One More Time” describes feelings of deep sorrow and dealing with loss. Nikolaj impresses with his vocal performance as he dives into the chorus in a more and more intense form as the song develops, whilst Kristian draws ethereal guitar landscapes. The lyrical accuracy throughout the record is backed by an equally on point rhythm section, courtesy of Moogie Johnson (bass) and Tobias Tangaa Lange (drums). Each instrument manifests itself  in a crystalline sonic space where even the smallest of sounds contributes to the brightness of the composition. 

Totem is constantly changing in rhythm; from the rocking “Animals” to the charming and complex “Mr. Exorcist” and “Errors”. It’s a record that never sits still. Its blissfully mutating form contributes to building a strong composite album and carries the characteristic sound of Cancer.

Kristian og Nikolaj are very excited to finally be releasing their debut album: 

“Totem is the result of a long journey for us both musically and personally. It feels like we have been submerged in an underwater cave and now finally reach the surface and breathe fresh air into our lungs. It is liberating and intoxicating to be able to hold the album in our arms and we are very proud of the music and songs we have created.”

Totem follows the successful 2014-EP Ragazzi, which quickly sold out its limited edition vinyl run and helped the band build a substantial fan-base in their home country Denmark while reaching key media internationally. These include a healthy Hypem popular chart placement, spot plays at BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music, playlist at Amazing Radio and DR P6 Beat as well as online features from The Fader, DIY, Noisey, Pigeons & Planes and many more. 

The album was produced and mixed by Nis Bysted in collaboration with Cancer, recorded by Michael Fischerson and mastered by Emil Thomsen. It features Nis Bysted on synthesizer, Moogie Johnson on bass and Tobias Tangaa Lang on drums.  

Totem will be released digitally and as 2XLP (gatefold) worldwide on 27th Jan 2017 and can be pre-ordered here: http://smarturl.it/CancerTotem 

Cancer “Totem” 

Releasedate: 27.01.2017 via Tambourhinoceros.


12.04.2017 Berlin - Kantine am Berghain


1. Esca

2. Die One More Time

3. Honey

4. Testa Nera Prima

5. Errors

6. Tears

7. Mr. Exorcist

8. Tak For Nu

9. Savage

10. Animals

11. This Is Where It Hurts









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