Mark Pritchard returns this Spring with ‘The Four Worlds’. An eight-track collection, further exploring the sonic worlds first encountered on 2016’s opus “Under The Sun”. Also akin to that album, Mark has once again collaborated with acclaimed visual artist Jonathan Zawada on artwork and visuals. The highlight of which is a thirteen minute film bringing the duo’s audio and visual other-worldly landscapes to life like never before. Watch a clip of that film featuring Come Let Us feat. Gregory Whitehead now.
The Four Worlds also features a collection of underground poets and musicians including Colorado’s psychedelic heroine, Space Lady, on S.O.S, and eighties cult radio artist, Gregory Whitehead, on Come Let Us. Mark’s collection of unusual instruments also features; This includes a Musical Saw on ‘Parkstone Melody II’ and the esoteric Waterphone on title track ‘The Four Worlds’, which gives the track a whole new Kubrikian dimension. Focal track Glasspops was recorded in an air-raid shelter in Hamburg and tinkered with over the course of 5 years. 

Mark Pritchard is currently in the studio working on the full album follow up to 2016’s Under The Sun. The album promises to include many of his artistic peers and fans, more information in due course. 

About Mark Pritchard
Musical polymath Mark Pritchard has been releasing music under different guises for nearly 3 decades (Global Communication, Reload, Africa Hitech, Harmonic 313, Harmonic 33, to name a few) however in 2016 he released the critically lauded ‘Under The Sun’. Mark Pritchard has become a figurehead in his field with artists such as Thom Yorke, Linda Perhacs, The Space Lady, Bibio, Clark. He has recently toured with James Blake around the globe.

About Jonathan Zawada
Jonathan Zawada is a cross-discipline artist best known for his unique approach to art and design. Weaving both analogue and digital techniques, he displays the back and forth interplay between manual physical labour and disembodied digital processes.

Informed by his early roots in web design, coding and animation, Zawada’s art practice further evolved into graphic design, illustration and art direction serving clients like Bloomburg, Nike, and BMW and now includes object design, sculpture, video, installation and painting. His work has received an ARIA, a D&AD award and a MAPDA award, as well as being exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney, Barcelona, Tokyo and Paris

Gregory Whitehead

The Space Lady


Artist: Mark Pritchard

Release: The Four Worlds

VÖ: 23.03.2018

Label: Warp Records

Vertrieb: Roughtrade 

Video Clip „Parkstone Melody II“​​​​​​​